Career Guidance & Progression

We provide one-to-one coaching for mid- career transition, career re-start and re-invention and guidance on career trajectory. We support clients to discover fulfilling career opportunities, overcome obstacles, aim and define career/business goals, manage career wellbeing.

With the help of systematic tools and processes, we help you clarify, define and articulate your vital career components, identify aspects of a meaningful career journey and assist you as a professional to target key goals. Once the goals have been identified, we help refine your job search strategy with our tools and techniques.

At any time, there are multiple job openings in the market and as a busy professional you may not have the time or resources to access them all. We help you maximize your reach in job search and help your chances of landing the job.

Why do we Need Career Guidance?

  •    To Reaffirm sense of career direction
  •   To adapt to Career changes
  •   To assist in career transition
  •   To help us reach our long range career goals

Some of the career services we initiate for our clients are:

  •    We assist in phases of career growth, career transition and career change.
  •    We offer objective, professional, personalized career advice.
  •    We map out career choices that will shape their future.
  •    We define, align and match career strategy with client’s personal and professional goals
  •    Develop a long term career and life vision, set of realistic goals and manage career transition.
  •    Assist planning for a career change within a competitive and ever changing labour market.
  •    Support experienced professionals and mid-career professionals to gain clarity on career issues, perspective, new direction
  •    Skill Assessment and Development