Transition Coaching

Today’s workplace is complex, dynamic, uncertain and full of change. For all of us, at some time in our lives, change is necessitated and challenges our preset environment, demands that we take risks which are outside our scope of vision and comfort.

Research shows that the stress that emerges during times of change is caused less by any particular change an organization introduces rather more by the internal transitions that individuals must undergo in order for that change to succeed, from an old way of being to a new way.

Change is inevitable. There is a current pressure on corporations to find ways to maintain top performers in times of rapid change. Most currently employed individuals will have 3 to 5 totally different careers during their work life. They continually seek an atmosphere where they can relax and continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Change is a journey from an unsatisfactory present state to a desired state – the client’s desired outcome. As a Transition Coach, we support the client’s journey.

As a Transition coach we help people make profound and lasting shifts in their lives and unlock their true potential. We work with them to uncover the obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging their success and blocking their fulfillment. We help them remain focused, motivated and accountable and push beyond those barriers so that they can achieve their goals.

We work with the career changers, outplaced, people who are experiencing life changing personal circumstances. We guide them in adapting and coping with challenging transitions