Second Career & Re-Start

A World Bank report recently stated that India has among the lowest female labor force participation rates (LFPRs) in the world. In particular, low female LFPR is a drag on gross domestic product (GDP) growth and an obstacle towards reaching a higher growth path.

There is sufficient evidence that states a large number of educated women want to get back to their careers but are held back by impediments, such as unclear career path, lack of guidance, norms and structural problems in job market and employment policies.

We believe in people's infinite potential and support individuals who feel doubt, confusion, loss of direction in their careers and help them find focus, motivation and joy in work. Our guidance sessions result in enhanced decisiveness and resourcefulness.

For those professionals who are unable to fugure out the approach to restart their career and get back into employment, we assist such clients through target oriented career plan, one-on-one coaching and help design, implement a plan of career comeback, fully aligned with their strengths, core values and passion.